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telent expands services footprint with Richardson Eyres buy

Managed network player telent has been active in the acquisition market bolstering its portfolio with the addition of Richardson Eyres

Managed network services provider telent is no stranger to a growth through acquisition strategy and has taken the plunge again with a deal to pick up data centre services player Richardson Eyres.

In the past telent has hit the headlines because of its purchase of Telindus and is carrying on with moves to strengthen its operations to ensure it can deliver a wide services pitch.

Richardson Eyres comes with three decades of history and a customer base across the UK and Europe that have been purchasing its data centre infrastructure solutions.

Those customers include some of the large banks, pharma firms and several other verticals, including legal, retail and the construction field.

Richardson Eyres is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Originally set up by Jon Eyres and Frank Richardson the business is now run by Adam Kemp.

Mark Plato, CEO of telent, said that is background was in the networking world and it had to make acquisitions to make sure it was positioned to meet the changing needs of customers.

"With increasing numbers of customers moving to the cloud and requiring more virtual and flexible technology this will broaden our offering to our existing customers and extend our reach particularly within the ICT space. Additionally it will also offer Richardson Eyres’ clients access to telent’s capabilities and expertise," he said.

The terms of the deal were not disclosed but on its website Richardon Eyres boasts of being privately owned and debt free.

telent tends to seal a major deal at least once a year and October 2015 saw it pick up Arqiva's Secure Solutions operation, which gave tenet a greater footprint in the emergency services and transport sectors.

Back in December 2014 telent acquired Telindus UK, known for its IP networking expertise, which was a business that at the time added an additional £45m in annual turnover.

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