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Unemployment might be down but digital skills are still in short supply

With unemployment dropping over the last few months you might be forgiven thinking that the skills crisis was easing but that might be a mistake

It is almost a given that regardless of the employment figures and the number of people in work there continue to be skills shortages in the tech sector.

That demand for people with the ability to help companies unlock all of the promised fruits of digital transformation is as much a challenge for resellers as it is customers. But for those that have the right personnel there is clearly a large opportunity out there.

Official figures showed that unemployment fell by 54,000 between March and May to 1.65m but one in the industry were quick to point out that work still needed to be done to ensure that efforts to keep the labour pool topped up with talented people.

James Parsons, Founder & CEO of Arrows Group Global, urged the government to continue to work on cracking the digital skills shortage.  

“One of the fundamental issues that businesses have is attracting and retaining digital talent. To achieve this, businesses have to recognise that digital is much more than just a skillset, it is a culture of knowledge sharing and being agile. Retention becomes a key factor in a competitive market, requiring innovative approaches to engaging top talent,” he said.

“I would also advise that businesses review their strategic plan, looking at how and where they will attract, deploy and engage the very best digital talent. These aspects will key to the long-term profitability of businesses, especially in tricky market conditions,” he added.

Research earlier this week from Daisy Group warned that lack of skills was one of the factors holding back more customer moves towards digital transformation.

The telco convergence specialist found that despite most customers appreciating the benefits of extending digital processes across the business there were a significant number who had not yet really done a great deal about it.

The converged comms specialist found that 73% of SMEs and just shy of half of larger enterprises (45%) were not doing anything constructive around digital transformation.

There were a few reasons for that hesitation, including for SMEs problems with getting skilled staff, lack of strategic direction from the business. For larger enterprises there were issues with legacy kit and time resource issues.


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