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Dell deepening support for MSPs

Providing more support for managed service providers is one of the main plans for Dell UK this year

Dell plans to increase the support it offers managed service providers this year as the firm looks to build on the success it had with the channel in 2015.

As the firm looks back over last year and signals where it will invest in the next 10 months the key theme seems to be growqth, both in terms of the importance of the channel as well as the internal resources the firm is prepared to put towards it partnering efforts.

The vendor has created a couple of senior roles to support MSPs as part of some wider changes to the channel team, which has seen Michael Collins appointed as vice president, strategy and channel Dell EMEA.

Dell has vowed to provide more access to incentives and training throughout this year and will give resellers support via its distributors.

“2015 saw a great year for our partners and we are moving into 2016 with a range of new and improved benefits and sales enablement tools. Strengthening Dell’s omni-channel offering has been a key area of focus and over the last 12 months, our distribution business recorded double digit revenue growth, there was a fantastic response to new incentives and programmes," said Collins.

At the Dell EMEA partner conference last November the vendor revealed that 50% of sales in Europe were now coming via partners and it had no limits set on the amount of business it would allow to go through resellers.

The firm also spent last year completing its distribution line-up to make sure it had full coverage across the UK both geographically and in terms of the SME, retail and enterprise markets. That strategy produced double digit growth from that tier of the channel and saw 24,000 new resellers purchase Dell products and services.

“We are still relatively new to the channel and as the landscape changes, we must adapt.  One of the benefits of being the ‘new kid on the block’ is our ability to be nimble. Our leadership team and structure therefore needs to adapt to the market," said Sarah Shields, executive director and general manager, Dell UK.

"I’m very excited to be working more closely with our large partners and the MSP community. The next year promises further momentum and we will continue to build our relationships with partners and other contacts to strengthen our growing network," she added.

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