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Tech Data expands 3D options with BQ signing

Keeping the 3D printing buzz going Tech Data has signed Spanish player BQ systems

The channel's chances of making some revenues out of 3D printing have increased again as a result of moves made by distribution to make more products available to UK resellers.

Distribution has been steadyily building up relationships with 3D printer vendors and making the fruits of those signings available to partners.

The latest to be added to the list is Spanish player BQ, which has 3D printing technology that could be sold into consumer, education and business markets. Tech Data has signed up the vendor and will be offering the firm's products to the UK market.

One of the products, the Hephestos 2 kit-form printer, is aimed at the education market because it can be assembled fairly quickly from parts. There is also the Prusa i3, which ia also a kit-form 3D printer in use amongst the ‘RepRap’ community and the entry-level, Ciclop 3D scanner, which is also a self-build project.

Peter Lunn, senior category manager for print at Tech Data, said that the BQ products already appealed to some key markets, which were keen on 3D printing.

“We are very excited about the BQ 3D printers and we think many buyers in education and research and many other markets will be too," he said.

"BQ is making 3D printing accessible and affordable to everyone, enabling them to explore new ideas. For resellers and retailers, it’s whole new area of opportunity," he added.

The timing of the BQ signing comes at a moment when the commercial market for 3D printers has gone through a difficult period. The consumer space has remained fairly bouyant but the large ticket printers have seen a slow down.

As well as waiting for the public to catch up and discover the joys of 3D printing the channel has also had to get to grips with a list of new vendors and technology. BQ will be another name to add to that list of printer vendors that need to be known.

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