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Local PC builders playing vital role for AMD

With Windows 10 spurring PC upgrades the local system builders are being seen as a major route to market for AMD

AMD is gearing up for a busy 2016 with a fresh range of products and a determination to ensure that those smaller PC builders are up to speed with its latest range of CPUs and graphic cards.

The firm is not only expecting its own products to hit a sweet spot with PC builders and gaming enthusiasts but has already seen a positive impact from the launch of Windows 10.

Since the latest OS was launched by Microsoft 120m devices have installed the software, with 8m business PCs shipped with Windows 10. Although a lot of the excitement has been on the consumer side there have been some decisions made by commercial users to upgrade.

Neil Spicer, EMEA MPU senior sales manager, component channel, at AMD, said that Windows 10 joined a list of inflexion points in industry history that provoked customer upgrades.

One thing that is exciting for us at the moment, which has happened over the last three months has been Windows 10. That certainly drives consumer and business user upgrades,” he said.

Spicer said that small local businesses that had been running some desktops on windows XP were now facing the need to upgrade and would be turning to local resellers for advice and products.

In recent years some of the shop front dealers that had been targeting on repairs and appealing to the consumer end of the market have increased the portion of their revenue that comes from serving SMEs because of the attraction they can promote of being local caring experts.

“I believe a lot of that business can come back to the local reseller channel,” he added “This is about getting those small resellers to build a PC with AMD technology because they are the influencer to the customer.”

“The UK has still got a healthy local reseller market and Germany has as well. It does vary from geography but we want them to know that building with an AMD platform will be profitable for them,” he said.

Over the course of this year AMD has been trying to make it easier for the channel to work with the vendor and has focused heavily on also clearing its inventory levels to avoid any temptation from some to play around with prices.

Next year the firm is hoping its Zen next generation CPU architecture will get the backing of the high end desktop enthusiasts market and then others will follow their lead and buy other products lower down the stack.

There is also another graphics architecture that will deliver power consumption and performance improvements that should also provide resellers with something fresh to pitch at the customer.

In the UK AMD provides its own support for resellers via its own partner hub and also leans quite heavily on its CPU master distribution partners Avnet, VIP and Ingram to provide training.

As well as business there are also plenty of moves by AMD to influence the influencers in the gaming market, which is where some users are looking to spend $1000 on a graphics card.

With 700m online gamers all looking to make sure they can lay the latest greatest games at the best resolution there have also been moves to work with system builders to show that PCs can be created that cost just a few hundred pounds to meet the needs of that market.

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