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Aria PC Technology vows to fight DDoS attackers

E-tailer Aria PC Technology has not given those trying to hold it to ransom with a DDoS attack quite the response they were expecting

Manchester based etailer Aria PC Technology has reacted to demands it pays a ransom to stop DDoS attacks by offering a reward for anyone helping to catch the attackers.

The firm was the victim of a website attack earlier this week that took its site down for the best part of an hour potentially causing distruption to trading.

The firm has assured customers that all financial data is safe and the consequences of the DDoS attack were to cause enough disruption to the site that the etailer would pay out a Bitcoin ransom.

However Aria has chosen a different option taking to Facebook to promote its efforts to catch those responsible.

"This time a £15,000 bounty is being offered to track these attackers down so we can carry on giving you the prices and service we know you love!," stated the firm.

"Come on guys, let's catch them together! This is about the denial of service - and we need YOUR help." the firm added.

This is the second time that Aria has been hit by a website attack and its position then was the same as now with it refusing to pay a ransom.

"A year or so ago we suffered from a website attack. A £10,000 bounty was put on this to help us catch them. This resulted in two raids by the Police in North London, confiscation of significant amount of computer equipment for a year and an immediate seizure of the attacks after the bounty was put up. Not only that, but the ATTACK-BUSTERS got a very nice pay out," Aria stated.

DDoS attacks that are leading to ransom pay-outs are on the rise and the decision by Aria to take a stand has been welcomed by others in the industry.

“By refusing to pay the ransom and instead posting a bounty, Aria is taking similar steps to other organisations who have fallen victim to DDoS extortionists. Striking back against these attackers is definitely the right thing to do. Despite the frightening threats, our experience has showed us that these attacks tend to be unimpressive and can be mitigated with ease using the proper solutions," he said.

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