Even on the beach a smart phone and some apps keep the channel working

Sadly the days when you could get a holiday that meant getting away from work is something of a fading memory but working on vacation need not mean packing a lot of kit

Let's be honest and admit that these days when packing the suitcase for a holiday one of the first thoughts is to make sure that all the tech and associated chargers are in the bag.

What was once limited to a few 'workaholics' has now become mainstream and more and more channel executives went away this summer with the means of communicating with the outside world firmly in the pocket of their Hawaiian shirts.

There are plenty of arguments about the rights and wrongs of not getting away from it all and plenty of people worry about the impact on staff is they don't ever really enjoy some downtime.

But on the flipside there are signs that once you part people from their technology you provoke feelings of anxiety that can also be harmful. It might sound extreme but how many times out of the corner of your eye have you noticed someone desperately trying to connect in a web cafe and make up for days of internet absence? Sadly quite a few.

So accepting that the average channel executive is going to take technology with them on their holiday the next question becomes a question of choosing what to pack.

Few people would want to load up the cases with laptops, phones and chargers if there was an easier answer and it appears that a smart phone with the right apps might be the key to travelling light but also heading off with connectivity ensured.

“We all dream of a holiday when we never check our emails or look at any devices and when I go away I do my best to stay tech free. In fact I do take some holidays where there is no internet access on the island or boat we stay on. That said, even on those holidays, I do occasionally check my email from my phone when I’m out and about – even if it is just to find out the office gossip and the cricket scores," said Andy Litherland, head of European Channel, Avaya.

"Staying in touch on holiday doesn’t mean you need to pack loads of kit, nor be tied to your PC or laptop. These days, thanks to advances in unified communication and video technology you can check your emails, voicemails, IMs and even video conference your colleagues from your phone,  with a single touch of a button. So in terms of must-pack tech, I’d say look no further than your UC-enabled mobile phone, charger and travel adaptor," he added.

He is not alone in looking to travel light but smart and for some the device of choice might be the tablet, rather than the smartphone.

"Gone are the days when a holiday is purely for relaxation. We now like to remain connected at all times – whether it’s for work or personal reasons. Packing a video enabled tablet, mobile phone or laptop  for every trip will ensure execs can connect with colleagues easily via any device, interact in real time, and even show off the beach via video to the team back in the office," said James Campanini, vice president and general manager EMEA Blue Jeans Network.

A few suggestions

For those that are wondering what they could pack beyond just a smart phone accessories player Zing Cases has some suggestions:


Swarovski Earphones to add a bit of bling


A selfie stick to capture the moment


A power bank to make sure the phone doesn't run out of juice


Dashboard sticky pads to make sure the kit doesn't slide about in the hire car

The choice of apps is going to be quite wide but John Uppendahl, ‎vice president of communications at Parallels, gets a plug in for his firm’s offering,  which allows access to a desktop computer from any iOS or Android device

“The handy little app also offers channel executives the opportunity to access data from bespoke databases, CRM, accounting and business information systems on-premise and edit files using fully featured desktop applications – not just the files you remembered to upload into a cloud service or email to yourself,” he said.

With a single device using apps and the web as the route to the data the possibilities for those channel players looking to keep in touch but without the hassle of setting up laptops in hotel rooms it looks like more are set to work wherever they are on holiday this summer.

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