The Apple slayer? Tag Heuer steps into smartwatch ring

Vive la watch résistance: Tag Heuer shows that the old-school Swiss watchmakers won't go down without a fight

Swiss luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer has announced that it is partnering with Intel and Google and throwing its watch into the smart ring.

The 155 year-old watchmaster, now part of the LVMH Group,  has partnered with the two tech giants in order to create a high-end smartwatch and is the first of the Swiss brands to enter the wearables market.

Apple has a habit of disrupting industries, pulling the rug out from under the de facto standard. Traditional watchmakers must be feeling something like Motorola and Nokia did in the weeks before the iPhone launch; but Tag Heuer’s announcement is the first sign that this 500 year-old industry is up for the fight.

"With Apple Watch hitting the market it's no longer viable for Swiss watchmakers to bury their heads in the sand,” said Ben Wood, chief of research at CCS Insight. ”Now Tag Heuer has signalled its intention to enter the smartwatch market we are certain others will follow."

Intel mirrored the analyst’s sentiment and called on other brands to take up arms in the resistance.

"Our hope is that this type of partnership will set a precedent for other brands to consider diversifying into wearable tech and enhancing their products with technology," said Intel spokeswoman Ellen Healy.

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