MSPs sound Windows Server 2003 warning

Some managed service providers have added their voices to the calls on customers to come up with a migration strategy with the end of Windows Server 2003 support getting closer

With the deadline for the end of support for Windows Server 2003 gettign ever closer there are more calls from the channel for users to take action to make sure thy are not left on the platform.

Last week's Cloud Expo show was a moment for many in the channel to encourage users to use the end of Microsoft support as the opportunity to do something different and head towards a hosted alternative.

Adding its voice to the debate managed services provider Advanced 365 has also urged customers to devise a migration plan to ensure they are not left with problems.

The firm quoted numbers that indicate that 1.6m organisations worldwide are still using Server 2003 and that includes 400,000 businesses in the UK that will be unsupported from mid-July, when Microsoft pulls the plug.

Andy Brown, managing director of Advanced 365 (SME Division), csaid that there were many customers that had not yet worked out what they were going to do once support ended.

“Many organisations have yet to formulate migration plans and are unaware of the implications of using Windows 2003 after support has been withdrawn. Failure to upgrade their server infrastructure now will place their IT systems and business critical data at greater risk from hackers, viruses and malware attacks, potentially bringing major consequences," he said.

“Now is a good opportunity to evaluate existing IT platforms and take advantage of cost savings. Virtualising physical infrastructure or migrating solutions to the cloud offer flexible and scalable ways to improve operational efficiencies and reduce data security risks to ensure business continuity," he added.

Speaking last week against the backdrop of Cloud Expo, Simon Walker, managed services director at Softcat, said that it was having more conversations with customers that included the topic of Windows Server 2003 as more started to react to the 14 July support termination.

"We have seen an increase in conversations and customers are coming to a T junction and have to make a decision one way or the other," he said.

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