Focusing on cost not the way to sell VDI

Resellers looking to pitch virtual desktops should avoid making cost savings a central argument

Cost is not the ideal focus of a VDI pitch with customers looking at the price tag on a traditional desktop alternative unlikely to be convinced they should move away from what appears to be a cheaper and more established alternative.


Resellers looking to push VDI should instead focus on a combination of benefits and then put them alongside the impact on the bottom line of the lifecycle of a desktop PC to highlight the ROI customers could gain.

Speaking at a recent MicroScope VDI roundtable a collection of vendors advised resellers to avoid going into a sale on cost or trying to promote virtual desktops as the answer to every problem.

"Cost is not the driver that gets people to move to VDI there is something else driving it. They can be moving to a new building or changing," said David Angwin, from Dell Cloud Client

"If they are coming up to a desktop refresh then replacing those PCs with more PCs or doing desktop virtualisation needs to be in the same ballpark. A well implemented VDI solution will be in the same ballpark and they can then be told that the business requirements are being met and there will be long term cost savings," he added.

Garry owen, senior product marketing manager EUC, VMware EMEA, said that it tried to educate channel partners that VDI was not a cost argument in isolation and it was normally part of a wider solution they could offer users.

"we try to convince customers of the need for desktop transformation. The old way of doing things just doesn't cut it anymore - you need to look at doing something different when it comes to provisioning corporate resources to the desktop and there are many reasons emerging that point to why now is a perfect time to address that," he said.

"We’re starting to emerge from global recession and are in a position where there are many companies with end-user computing estates that are five or  six years old, having missed one or even two physical refresh cycles," he added.

The advice from someone at the coalface was to delay mentioning the technology and the benefits of security and efficiency until a more basic conversation had happened with the customer over their business ambitions.

"Until you sit down with that customer and have a cup of tea and a slice of cake and put your arm round them and understand what they are trying to achieve there is no way you are going to go and do a successful VDI deployment," said Andy Trevor, EUC strategy director, Praim.


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