Microsoft kills the beloved Nokia brand, all in the name of progress

Microsoft officially confirms that it will be phasing out the Nokia brand starting from now, marking a sad day in the history of mobile telecoms

Microsoft is quietly burying the Nokia brand less than a year after acquiring the Finnish mobile manufacturer.

A post on Nokia France's Facebook page confirmed that before long, the mobile brand - which once dominated the cellular landscape – would be no more.

Microsoft acquired the mobile division of Nokia in April for $7.2bn (£4.6bn) in an effort to establish more of a presence in the marketplace. While Nokia enjoyed a strong feature phone presence in developing regions, its smartphones never really stood up to the competition and it was hoped that Microsoft’s involvement would be the answer. Unfortunately, the Windows Phone OS has also struggled to make its mark, leaving the whole project somewhat worse for wear.

The Redmond firm had a ten-year deal to continue using the Nokia brand on mobile devices, however, it seems as though the agreement was more of a spit-shake rather than anything legally binding. The news will likely be devastating to Finland, which was once the proud home of this telecom legend.

And so, starting in France and quickly rolling out across other regions, the Nokia Lumia will soon be known as the Microsoft Lumia. While the move makes sense from a strategic perspective, it is a sad day for mobile enthusiasts. Users will fondly remember phones such as 8110 used by Neo in The Matrix, the 3210 used by… virtually every phone owner in the 90s, and the digital version of Grande Valse, aka ‘The Nokia Tune’, which was the first identifiable musical ringtone on a mobile phone and is now entrenched in the public psyche.

To borrow from Don McLean, this is the day the [Nokia] music died.

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