Dell launches new incentive programme for partners

Dell offers juicy rebates and significant discounts to networking partners

Dell is dangling some pretty juicy looking carrots in front of its certified networking partners, announcing a range of new benefits under its PartnerDirect programme.

Preferred and Premier partners that generate $100,000 (£62,000) in sales of storage, server or networking solutions in the next quarter will be eligible to earn rebates of up to 14%.

On top of this, relevant partners can earn a 2% Marketing Development Fund (MDF) contribution for certain marketing activities. Partners are also eligible for up to 80% off networking demo equipment.

The incentive programme comes just weeks after CEO Michael Dell praised the channel for delivering a third of the firm's global revenues

“These enhancements to Dell’s PartnerDirect program are part of our continued commitment to our partners and their long term growth,” said Mark Pearce, EMEA Channel Director, Networking, Dell. “We recognise that our partners are an integral part of our business.  In fact, we are hoping to drive in excess of 50% of Dell’s networking business via channel partners in FY2015.”

“We realise that the way to do that is by providing the support and incentives that partners need and in essence, by making it more profitable to do business with Dell,” he added.




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