4K display distribution prices crash in Q3 2014

New research shows that distribution prices of Ultra-High-Def monitors dropped dramatically this quarter

The distributor Average Selling Price (ASP) of Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) displays has plummeted in the third quarter of 2014, according to research published today.

Asus PB287Q

The data, released by IT market research company Context, found the ASP of 4K monitors had decreased by 71% in the first nine weeks of Q3, in comparison to Q1 2014.

Samsung is leading the field of UHD monitors with a 53% share of Western Europe sales, followed by Asus (16%) and Philips (15%). There are three screen segments currently being sold through distribution - 23.8”, 28” and 31.5”. In early Q3, the 28” segment accounted for over 90% of all sales.

“Early models of UHD Desktop Monitors targeted professionals working with graphics, photos and videos that demand high resolution”, said Lachlan Welsh, senior analyst at Context. “However, cheaper UHD desktop monitors have started to emerge that give power users in standard office operations more screen real estate that will encourage productivity by being able to do more by seeing more.”


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