F-Secure: Data security cloud concerns are ‘misplaced’

Many users might continue to feel uneasy about putting their data in the cloud but F-Secure believes that it can be safer to put data into a hosted environment

It will be no surprise to many but a recent F-Secure survey of  companies with up to 500 employees or more has revealed that concerns about data security remain the main inhibitor to adoption of cloud technologies, but according to the vendor these concerns are misplaced.

Forty five percent of those surveyed cited lack of control and security concerns as the main reasons why they are not considering cloud services. Among the larger companies the figure climbs to 67% who are reluctant to release control of their data crown jewels.

However, these were the only reasons for cloud reluctance. Twenty one percent of companies said the cost of cloud was prohibitive, 13% cited performance issues and 12%  expressed concerns around legal liabilities.

However, Timo Laaksonen, vice president of content cloud, F-Secure, said data security concerns are misplaced: “Companies who are afraid of the cloud for security reasons should be aware that a properly designed and managed business cloud service is an extremely secure choice,”

“Say an employee needs to access information on their mobile device to share with a customer. If you don’t provide an easy-to-use, always available online service to do this, they will simply use their personal cloud account or download the information directly to their device. And that is a security risk.”

On the other side of the coin, 27% of companies that are using cloud service said adoption had actually been driven by employees who had begun using cloud services for business purposes.

A further 52% said location of servers is extremely important and 43% cited the origin country of the service provider as an issue. These two latter points reflect concerns about differing data protection laws in different regions.

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