jetNEXUS CEO identifies channel as top priority

The newly appointed CEO of load balancing specialist jetNEXUS has made growing its channel base its top priority

The newly appointed CEO of load balancing specialist jetNEXUS has made the channel his top priority as the British firm looks to grow its business through an increasing number of reseller partners.

The firm has appointed the former head of Cisco's UK and Ireland data centre and virtualisation operation Jim DeHaven to come on board as CEO with jetNEXUS co-founder Greg Howett moving into the CTO role.

DeHaven said that the firm had taken the decision to be 100% indirect and was operating a single tier channel, with distribution an ambition for the future, and wanted to grow its number of UK partners.

To support its ambitions the firm is doubling its own in-house partner resource numbers and is setting out attractive rewards for those that do sign up with the firm offering resellers up to 30% margin on registered deals.

"One of the first things I want to concentrate on is our go-to-market and partner development," he added "I have to double the size of the partner sales organisation and want to grow with existing partners as well as recruit more," he said.

For now DeHaven said the firm was not ready for distribution but it wanted to sign up someone that could extend its reach in the SME market at some point in the future when the firm had grown more.

He added that the market for load balancing of internet applications was growing as more companies looked to ensure that the user experience on their web sites was consistently good.

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