Cloud supply chain requires clarity

The Cloud Industry Forum's certification partner has warned that customers and resellers need a clear supply

With the sale of cloud services often including a partnership approach between resellers it is becoming increasingly difficult for customers to identify the different elements of those involved in the supply chain.

The Cloud Industry Forum's certification partner APM Group has warned that inexperienced resellers could run into problems unless they identify not just who is delivering what as well as what happens if there are problems.

The Forum has been consistently calling for more transparency in the delivery of cloud services over the past few years as a way of building trust in customers that are wary of taking steps into a hosted environment or are sceptical of the credentials of their suppliers.

Richard Pharro, APM Group’s CEO, said that it was key that customers could trust their data was in safe hands as well as having a clear understanding of exactly how the service was being delivered.

“Ensuring that the right credentials are present is crucial when vetting potential suppliers, particularly when dealing with the channel, and therefore multiple parties," said Pharro.

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