Nimans backs energy-saving product in BBC Dragons' Den

Nimans hopes to build channel case for energyEGG power-saving device after pitch on BBC business show Dragons’ Den

Networking and comms distributor Nimans is backing one of its partners as it showcases a new power-saving device – named the energyEGG – in an appearance on BBC television’s Dragons’ Den show this weekend.

Developed by Scottish entrepreneur Brian O’Reilly after he got tired of nagging his family to turn off lights and appliances around the home, the energyEGG wirelessly connects to a control adaptor, light switch or six-outlet power strip, and uses motion sensors to detect if people are around. If it finds none, it switches off devices such as TVs, games consoles or DVD players.

It can also be configured to maintain power to certain devices, such as satellite and cable set-top boxes, if needed, and is compatible with potentially dangerous products, such as irons or hair straighteners.

Its inventor claims it can typically save users 30% on the running costs of connected appliances and lights.

“Energy has become such a valuable commodity it’s simply too expensive to waste. As energy prices continue to rise, so does demand for the energyEGG. People want to take control and fight back. The energyEGG is a very cost effective solution and allows them to do just that,” said O’Reilly.

Sold up to now through the retail side of Nimans’ business, the distributor hopes to use the exposure – and possible funding 

acquired – from its appearance on Dragons’ Den, to foster sales into the channel as part of a wider solution set.

The idea of pitching inventions and business proposals to a panel of so-called dragons is one that has gained considerable currency in the channel of late, with the recent launch of The [Tech] Crowd’s Channel Dragons initiative ploughing a similar furrow, while Outsourcery’s Piers Linney has been busy creating a name for himself on the BBC’s own panel of dragons.

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