Lack of skills causing channel concerns

A potential lack of skilled digital thinkers has been highlighted at the Canalys Channel Forum as an issue the industry needs to tackle

The potential lack of skills in the industry causes some industry leaders to fret over the future ability of the channel to be at the cutting edge responding to some of the major trends in the market.

Speaking at a Canalys Channel Forum leadership session David Kay, vice president, IBM business partner organisation, Europe IOT, said that it was a major concern that there might not be enough new skilled people entering the industry.

"What keeps me awake at night is a lack of skills, skills expertise and eminence," which he believed could prevent the industry from being able to not only gain the maximum opportunities from the latest technology, but might also stunt the IT world's own innovation prospects.

The fears about attracting the right kind of employees was a theme of the channel conference with Steve Brazier, president and CEO of Canalys, using his keynote speech to urge the channel to consider what it could do to try and attract what he described as 'spiky' employees, who would bring different skills to the business.

He said that as firms became more digital there was a need to work out how to promote and recruit staff that could think differently and take advantage of the emerging mega trends including the Internet of Everything.

Milo Schacher, vice president EMEAR partner organisation at Cisco, said that when hethe firm was looking for new recruits it tried to look for someone different and not to stick with trying to fit people into pigeon holes.

Gilles Thiebaut, vice president of indirect sales, EG EMEA at Hewlett-Packard, said that it was a particular believer in its own graduate scheme and could point to the latest UK managing director Andy Isherwood as an example of someone who had joined the firm on that scheme a couple of decades ago.

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