PCs and tablets to get investment at private Dell

Michael Dell has indicated that the firm will invest in its hardware with PCs and tablets getting a boost as the vendor heads back into private hands

Michael Dell's battle to turnaround the firm he founded has now started and he has reiterated that it can now accelerate its transformation plans now it will be away from the gaze of investors.

Having secured shareholder approval yesterday for a $24.9bn takeover of Dell the process of getting on with changing the vendor into a more services led business begins in earnest.

In a conference call after the shareholder vote Michael Dell said that there was still a long way to go and it had many challenges ahead but talked up the benefits of becoming a private company.

"Under a new private company structure, we will have the flexibility to accelerate our strategy and pursue both organic and inorganic investment without the scrutiny, quarterly targets and other limitations of operating as a public company," he said.

Part of the plans Dell outlined in the call were to invest in PCs and tablets, grow its distribution network and expand sales coverage as well as bringing in more investors to provide extra funds.

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