OKI finds focus on print costs set to increase

SMEs are going to increease the focus on print costs as they look to cut waste expenditure with more customers becoming aware of the price of going to third-parties for print jobs

Customers will start to bring their printing in-house as they look to control costs, but this trend in the SME market needs to be recognised by resellers hoping to get more print and consumable sales next year.]

A picture of a changing market comes from IDC, which was commissioned by OKI UK to get a picture of the state of the SME customer base, with the overwhelming finding being that there will be more control exerted over print costs to try and stop them from spiraling.

IDC found that sales of laser and LED printers had increased by 3% across Europe as smaller firms took advantage of the latest technology to improve what they could generate in-house.

“The survey highlights how the growth in popularity of colour in particular is because SMBs can now produce colour documents on in-house laser or LED printers cost-effectively, without compromising on the professional quality that is expected from external print houses. However, in many cases businesses do not know how much printing takes place in their organisation or how much this often ‘forgotten’ expenditure is actually costing them," said Terry Laidlaw, managing director, OKI Europe

“With ever-increasing pressure to take control of spiraling costs in an uncertain economic environment, printing is an area that businesses should urgently review in order to benefit from significant savings quickly and with minimal negative impact on their business," he added.

In recent weeks most print vendors had either added or extended the focus on managed print services making it clear that it is going to be one of the themes of next year in the SME market.

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