Equanet finds BYOD still sparks security fears

Equanet has found that security fears about BYOD continue to persist among IT directors as they worry about the implications of allowing staff to use their own devices

Security fears are continuing to hold some firms back from allowing their staff to bring their own devices into the workplace.

One of the major problems with BYOD has been the possible repercussions on security that a mixture of hardware devices being connected to the network could have on the established defences against data loss.

That fear continues to be a problem according to some research among the business community carried out by Equanet, which revealed 89% of large to mid-sized firms are unable to ensure that BYOD devices meet their security standards.

As a result of that failure 67% of IT managers quizzed by the channel player are worried that the use of personal devices will be a security risk.

In response to that situation the channel should be pitching more robust security polices, with the flexibility to handle BYOD demands from staff.

“A fully realised BYOD policy is beneficial for IT budgets, productivity and employee morale, however clear policies and strategies need to be in place to overcome any possible security issues," said Charles Barratt, new solutions development manager at Equanet.  

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