Points mean prizes for Cyberoam resellers

UTM specialist Cyberoam has taken the wraps off its latest channel programme enhancements with a reward scheme at the heart of its plans to incentivise partners

As Bruce Forsyth liked to say 'points mean prizes' and that has always been a popular way of rewarding the channel with Cyberoam the latest to take that approach for channel incentives.

The security specialist has launched its partner advantage programme 2012-13 in the UK with a central plank of the scheme being to provide resellers with points on sales made in real time via a portal.

The vendor will be running promotions that can earn resellers double or triple points throughout the year and will be calibrated against an equivalent value in pounds and pence that can then been cashed in for gifts and prizes.

points can be gained from selling across the vendor's entire range of UTM devices and all of the reward values will be listed on the portal.

Ricky Knights, UK country manager at Cyberoam, said that the aim was threefold:"to  aggressively drive business in the channel, keep motivation levels high and  lower partner’s costs at all possible points in the course of sales & marketing".

"We look forward to see the impact of the initiative as it translates into value for sales and marketing effort across the channel," he added.

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