Customers ramp up cloud and big data moves

An EMC survey of customers has found that the next twelve months will be ones of IT transformation with an increasing number of firms embracing cloud and big data

Customers are taking steps to transform their operations with most planning to take steps in the next year as they embrace cloud and big data.

The timetable for change has been revealed by a user survey from EMC which asked those with the influence over IT buying decisions just what they expected to be doing in the short-term.

Cloud computing tops the lists of priorities followed by spending on improving data storage and management then splashing out on tools that will improve performance.

The reasons customers gave for wanting to spend on technology was threefold, with increasing revenues at the top of the list, followed by to help with new product development as well as improving the customer experience and enhancing communications.

One of the potential problems that customers face, apart from budgetary constraints, is to ensure they have the right skills to fulfil the technology ambitions. The EMC survey revealed that most users expect cloud and big data to force current roles in IT departments to change.

Mark Wheeler, UK and Ireland marketing director at EMC, said that the research showed that more investment was coming to make information more accessible.

"It will create new roles and just as before with cloud computing it will create new types of positions," he said.

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