EMC urges fresh cloud security approach

EMC has has warned that taking a traditional approach to securing data in the the cloud is not going to work and more flexibility has to be offered

The approach to securing data in a cloud world has to be fundamentally different from traditional methods.

A view of how security works in a landscape where data is more free flowing was sketched out by Howard Elias, president and COO, EMC information infrastructure and cloud services, at the vendor's Forum event in London.

In his keynote to an audience of resellers and customers a description of a workplace dominated by hybrid cloud and BYOD were seen as being the state of the market for at least the next few years.

Elias warned that focusing on trying to secure the data in a traditional way behind perimeter defences was not going to work.

"We can no longer dig a deep or wide enough moat around our data. In fact it could be detrimental. We actually want data to be free flowing," he said.

Rather than trying to lock down or build walls around data, Elias argued the focus needed to shift onto the application.

"We will be more dynamic as app workloads are virtualised and put into the cloud. We will secure the workloads and set access rights to that," he added "Security has to be done in a different way and it has to be more dynamic."


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