Tech M&A activity grows but smaller deals hit values

The level of tech M&A activity has hit the same level as last summer but smaller deals meant that the valuations were much lower in 2012

The tech mergers and acquisitions market remains a bouyant one with the number of deals being struck getting back to some of the highs experienced last year.

The latest review of the market for July by M&A watcher Regent noted that the upward trend that started in February has continued into the summer with both the number and value of deals increasing.

"In fact, with 288 deals in July 2012, the number of deals is now back to the level last seen in July 2011," stated the Regent update.

Although the number of mergers and acquisitions has reached the same level as last year there is still some way to go on the valuation front with smaller deals last month being worth 35% less than summer 2011.

The highlights for last month included Six Degrees snapping up Cloud Computing Centre as part of its ongoing acquisition programme as well as Xerox buying Wireless Data Services.

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