Apple and Samsung take patent fight to California

The patent dispute between Samsung and Apple will be put before a jury in a Californian court as the two vendor try to resolve the question of copyright infringement

Apple and Samsung will be in court later today in the latest stage of the patent battle between the two firms with the stakes high for both sides.

A jury in California will be asked to decide if Samsung copied Apple's designs or if the iPad maker itself was guilt of unlawfully using it's rivals 3G technology.

The two firms have already had dates in British, German and Australian court rooms iad they look to resolve the questions of just who copied what.

As well as running into problems with trading its smart phones and tablets there could also be a bill of €2.5bn if Samsung loses the case.

According to reports both sides are prepared for a fairly agressive case that will imply that the copying of technology is something that neither side has a spotless record on.

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