ThinkGrid forms partnership with Soonr

ThinkGrid has formed a partnership with Soonr to offer resellers a mobile platform to share files

Cloud platform provider ThinkGrid has extended the services it can offer resellers after partnering with file sharing specialist Soonr.

The mobile sync platform Soonr Workplace is an alternative to services like DropBox but comes with management and security features built-in.

ThinkGrid has been building up the support it offers resellers putting together a more formal partner programme with marketing funds and views the latest move as a service that partners can pitch to those customers wanting mobile access to files.

Scott Holmes, director of sales EMEA at ThinkGrid, said that it was offering partners a training session on the technology today and saw the Soonr tie-up as an answer to customer problems.

"Some of the other offerings out there are not particularly channel friendly or flexible in terms of the feature set," he said.

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