Enterasys channel emerges from the shadows for BYOD battle

Following a restructuring of its channel that saw it Part Company with the bulk of its reseller base, network infrastructure specialist Enterasys is presenting a leaner silhouette to UK partners.

Following a restructuring of its channel that saw it part company with the bulk of its reseller base, network infrastructure specialist Enterasys is presenting a leaner silhouette to UK partners, and betting that a newly-launched IAM appliance will help its channel get in front of clients anxious to formulate a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy.

The firm now has just 17 UK resellers and an exclusive distribution relationship with Arrow ECS, said Mark Pearce, Enterasys EMEA director of channels and strategic alliances.

"We couldn't stretch to having 80 partners again; we couldn't provide the resource or the tender loving care partners need," said Pearce. "In time we may take it back to 20 or 25, but no more than that. We don't want to provoke conflict."

Mahmood Chaudhri, managing director at long-term Enterasys partner Datrix, said he saw more and more opportunities to take a brand that was maybe less well known than its main competitors out to market as a result.

"We find situations where sadly, our counterparts will go in and sell the competitor; we have customers ourselves who will always buy them, but it's purely on a fulfilment basis, the margins are lower and there's no specialisation," he said. "Our lead product is always Enterasys."

The vendor recently appointed former Meru Networks man Ram Appalaraju as its new marketing vice president to focus on getting its name out into the market.

This week it launched its new Mobile IAM product, a BYOD network security solution designed to be sold "at the centre of a set of services that are executed through channel partners", according to Appalaraju.

The appliance includes features such as automatic device discovery and provisioning, multi-level device profiling, context-based policy management, guest access management, and a virtualised option, allowing for the implementation of secure, customised BYOD solutions.

Enterasys' own figures suggest its new product significantly undercuts rival offerings in terms of cost per device. It has also built in a 10 day installation guarantee, playing off its extensive heritage and expertise in network management best practice, said Appalaraju.

Courtney Green, managing director at NETconnection Systems said: "To be able to guarantee that installation will take a certain number of days is a great thing to be able to say to the customer; it gives us peace of mind and the customer peace of mind."

Added Pearce: "BYOD will help us recruit channel partners for different markets and move it beyond network specialists to security and datacentre specialists. Secondly, infrastructure-as-a-service allows our channel partners to migrate customers into a managed cloud environment."

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