Comstor adds partner security development initiative

Cisco distribution house Comstor has launched a new programme built around network security development called FirstLook.

Cisco distribution house Comstor has launched a new programme built around network security development called FirstLook.

The move comes in response to a growing body of evidence suggesting that the proliferation of web-based business apps, mobile data usage and virtualisation are causing a rapid evolution within the network security sector.

Citing figures put together by PwC, Comstor said that expectations of growth in network security spending among ICT buyers are high in the wake of a spate of big ticket security failures.

"Technology and cultural chanegs are making it essential for businesses to rethink enterprise security," said Comstor marketing director Warwick Taylor. "Perimeter based security alone is not sufficient. [This] is designed to alert our partners to the opportunity and help them shape their business model to address it."

Developed with support from Cisco and pitched at the Select end of the vendor's channel, the programme will walk resellers through sales training, lead generation and marketing around Cisco's network security proposition.

"Rather than rely on dedicated appliances security must be integrated into the network, in rotuers, switches and virtual servies," said Cisco European security partner manager James Lee. "The objective is to layer security throughout the borderless network."

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