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When you first hear the words ‘big red box' you might automatically think of storage in the sense of something brightly coloured you put your belongings in.

When you first hear the words ‘big red box’ you might automatically think of storage in the sense of something brightly coloured you put your belongings in.

The connection between that image and the products offered by Bigred Solutions are not that far apart, with a similar emphasis on helping make life easier — but specifically on the data front.

Bigred promotes its server appliances as an alternative to the conventional server model. The change from the normal approach comes with the lack of per user licensing so it has a single cost.

Keeping the licensing simple is one plus, but there are other areas where the vendor is doing its best to make life that little bit more bearable for customers.

In addition to a single licence fee, the operating system is embedded and the demands on both the reseller and customer from a technical point of view are attractively low. Then there is the preconfiguration that promises to take just 15 minutes of a user’s time to get going via a web browser.

The Bigredbox 80 is aimed at small office environments with up to 15 users. The vendor has different products that can stagger upwards to cater for larger numbers of employees, which again is attractive for a reseller looking for additional sales.

The Bigredbox 80 can manage users and groups through a web wizard, use email and collaborative working, as well as share files and folders immediately after the installation process has been completed.

Via the web Bigredbox manages the workstations automatically and to ease the concern of those customers worried about something going wrong it features a back-up system that takes a complete snapshot of the configuration and any bigredbox can be replaced in just half an hour.

The advantage of Bigredbox is that it opens up the world of servers to those in the channel that might otherwise have shied away from them due to fears over complexity and configuration.

It also takes this powerful technology into SME markets, which might previously have
been struggling with some sort of dumb PC acting as a server arrangement.

Ultimately, Bigredbox provides the channel with another option, one whose clear licensing and configuration message is bound to appeal to customers.


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