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March-May 2021

Prepare for bringing people back to the office with the Nordic tech startup blueprint

This year, after the global workforce has collectively discovered the best traits of remote working, and subsequently proved their worth in reaching targets and maintaining productivity from home, the onus is on employers to lure them back into physical spaces. For many employers, this will require reimagining office life and office layouts, and they could do a lot worse than have a look at the Nordic tech startup blueprint for guidance. Traditionally elsewhere, even more innovative and nimble environments in the tech startup space have conformed to the “row of static desks” norm. A new coffee machine or “dress-down Fridays” represented an olive branch being extended to employees as a way to bring fun or dynamism to their office lives. Ultimately, however, this small appeasement was still being delivered via a CEO, with a rigid nine-to-five dynamic. Meanwhile, a cultural breaking down of hierarchy, linear structures, collaboration, trust and freedom has seen Nordic office spaces evolve in a completely different direction in ...

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