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March-May 2021

Digital knowledge must be integral part of Dutch police training

Dutch police need a roadmap to keep officers up to date with the latest digital developments, according to the independent Cybersafety Research Group of the NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. Researchers said the organisation needs to map out what digital knowledge it expects from its staff, and they emphasised the importance of digital as an integrated part of daily police practice, rather than something that happens alongside regular police work. Cyber crime and crime with a digital component are now so prevalent that the police can no longer leave these matters to cyber specialists, said the researchers. Digital crime is rising and developing rapidly, and many police officers come across it on an almost daily basis, but their knowledge of such crimes can soon become outdated. “In order to maintain and strengthen our connection with the digitised society, we have to continually brush up our knowledge of digitisation,” said Thijs van Valkengoed, co-researcher who works in cyber crime and ...

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