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December 2019-February 2020

Nordic governments open to Huawei’s ‘no spy’ offer

Huawei has responded to a series of 5G contract setbacks in the Nordic region by offering governments an “anti-industrial espionage” commitment that would be incorporated into all contracts with the Chinese company. Although no Nordic state has moved to exclude Huawei from participating in 5G projects, national intelligence agencies in the region’s countries continue to advise telcos on the potential risks to network security posed by partnering with Huawei. The maintenance of strong integrity in network systems has emerged as a high priority for Nordic telcos currently engaged in plans to advance and roll out national 5G projects. The elevation of Huawei as a potential security threat to next-generation communications networks accelerated after US government moves to block the company from 5G contracts. The US advised European countries to follow its lead. Nordic governments adopted a wait-and-see approach, encouraging greater interaction between telecoms and national security services to assess risk ahead of the awarding of 5G...

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