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August-October 2021

Openness can protect Dutch companies against ransomware

Companies in the Netherlands are increasingly falling victim to ransomware, yet the wave of attacks is probably just the tip of the iceberg because many keep quiet when they are confronted with ransomware. This is often out of shame or fear of reputational damage, but Dutch companies should be open about these attacks. Dave Maasland, CEO of ESET Netherlands, says this situation has to change and a lot could be learned from the US aviation industry. For about 12 years, there have been few, if any, fatal aircraft crashes in the US. If aviation experts had been told this as a prediction in the mid-1990s, they would not have believed it. That was a time when aviation in the US was plagued by frequent air crashes. But eventually, the tide was turned by a seemingly controversial idea. “A reporting system was established in which anyone involved could voluntarily report incidents with impunity,” said Maasland. “In fact, people were patted on the back when they revealed wrongdoings, but if management found out about an incident and ...

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