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August-October 2021

Increasing numbers of Dutch women opt for career in ICT

Last year, the number of female ICT staff in the Netherlands grew significantly faster than the number of men opting for a job in the sector. The number of women in the Dutch ICT sector has been low for years, while the demand for ICT professionals remains high. An increase in the participation of women in the sector is strengthening the Netherlands’ leading position in the field of ICT and innovation. It’s this success which has generated a great need for professionals with ICT skills. But the Dutch education system is having difficulty keeping up with the labour market demand, and shortages in important areas are causing significant problems. As a result of the Covid-19 crisis, the need for digital skills has increased further. To help fill these skills gaps, a national action plan, known as the Human Capital Agenda ICT, (HCA ICT) has received €80m for the next four years, which will see an extra 36,000 potential ICT professionals created. According to research by HCA ICT partner CA-ICT, which supports the funding of training,...

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