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May-July 2020

IT Priorities 2020: Benelux organisations and budgets focused on digital transformation

Over half of IT leaders in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg expect to have more to spend on IT this year, with digital transformation projects likely to be major beneficiaries of the extra cash. Digital transformation projects will also instigate projects around cloud computing, IP network optimisation and security to enable businesses to transform the way they work. According to the Computer Weekly/Tech Target IT Priorities 2020 survey, 55% of IT decision-makers in the Benelux countries expect budgets to increase this year. Almost a quarter (23%) think budgets will remain the same as last year, while only 11% are expecting a reduction in the amount of money they will have to spend. The main areas where spending is expected to increase are digital transformation (47%), network infrastructure modernisation (45%) and cloud infrastructure deployment (44%) initiatives. These three areas of IT are intrinsically linked with digital transformation, relying heavily on cloud computing infrastructures, which themselves require ...

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