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May-July 2020

Dutch landscape attracts fintech exploration

The Dutch have a natural preference for cooperation and sharing risks and profits. They also value fair trade, trust and liquidity, so it is no surprise that the Netherlands offers a good environment for financial technology (fintech) companies, which has attracted interest since the UK began the process of leaving the European Union (EU). The Netherlands government takes proactive steps to ensure that fintech entrepreneurs, startups and the rest of the financial sector have access to all available knowledge in order to be successful and compliant. To this end, the Dutch Central Bank and the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Market set up then InnovationHub, where companies can ask the organisations questions in an informal setting. Stephan Punt, head of risk and compliance at Dutch fintech Floryn, said the Netherlands is an attractive country for fintech companies. “We have a central location in Europe and a lot of talent, both technologically and financially, through the country’s high-quality education,” he said. Punt ...

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