• May 31, 2008 31 May'08

    Braille speedometer

    It's very rare that Downtime laughs out loud at reader comments but reader Ed Burke managed just that with his take on the Braille Speedometer: "Following you articles on Braille speedometers ...  Continue Reading

  • May 31, 2008 31 May'08

    Top blogs

    Time for an end of month round up of the most read of my blogs during May. They are: 1. MySpace, Fake Profiles, & Internet Surveillance 2. Peter Gabriel Web Server Stolen 3. Data Loss Epidemic ...  Continue Reading

  • May 30, 2008 30 May'08

    Who would you trust with your e-mail content: Google or GCHQ?

    The plans for legisation are a great opportunity to bring pay-per-click advertisers and those who plan to offer free services in return for analysing your communicaitons and browsing habits within ...  Continue Reading