• December 09, 2008 09 Dec'08

    Video: Top ten data drive disasters of 2008

    Data recovery firm Kroll Ontrack have just released their annual list of top ten data disasters, detailing some of the most dramatic ways in which people have lost files and precious data. This year's batch includes the amusing but cautionary tales ...  Continue Reading

  • December 09, 2008 09 Dec'08

    EMC, Dell renew their vows

    EMC and Dell have extended their partnership until 2013, with Dell now also reselling EMC’s Celerra products  Continue Reading

  • December 09, 2008 09 Dec'08

    Eight data migration tips

    Learn how to make your next data migration project run better with these eight tips.  Continue Reading

  • December 08, 2008 08 Dec'08

    Enterprise Application Acceleration

    I noted on my mate Den Howlett's blog - http://blogs.zdnet.com/Howlett - that he'd been interviewing the Chairman of the SAP UK/Ireland User Group, Alan Bowling. Given that I've been doing a lot of ...  Continue Reading

  • December 08, 2008 08 Dec'08

    Liveblogging Le Web 08

    Apologies for the silence over the last month. Ironically enough, it was largely because I was busy getting a Web 2.0 web application upgraded for use both within and without the business...Anyway, ...  Continue Reading

  • December 08, 2008 08 Dec'08

    Victory over Chinook crash after 14 years

    A brave, independent stand by the Defence Secretary John Hutton and his predecessor Des Browne, against 14 years of obfuscation and immovable arrogance by the Ministry of Defence, has led finally to justice over the notorious crash of a Chinook ...  Continue Reading

  • December 08, 2008 08 Dec'08

    Chronology: The Chinook

    1985 : Almost at the start of development of the Chinook's Full Authority Digital Engine Control ( Fadec ) computer system there...  Continue Reading