Xen virtualization vs. KVM: An evaluation

At your wit’s end about the Xen virtualization vs. KVM debate? Our guide makes things easier on this front with its expert tips, a case study and a quiz.

Even as open source virtualization gains momentum in today’s IT world, Red Hat Enterprise Linux’s (RHEL) switch...

from Xen virtualization to KVM hypervisors can put IT shops in a fix during the hypervisor selection process. In such a situation, benefits from server virtualization can follow once the organization understands changes that such a move can bring about. We bring you a complete guide, which pools in resources across the TechTarget network to help you tackle the Xen virtualization versus KVM dilemma.

How will KVM virtualization affect RHEL Xen users?

Our in-house IT expert has put together a comparison between Xen virtualization versus KVM hypervisor in this tip. The resource comprises a brief history and description of Xen hypervisor’s relationship with RHEL, alongside a list that details the benefits of KVM hypervisor’s use in RHEL. The difficulties you may face during the Xen to KVM migration is also discussed in this section.

Understanding Xen virtualization versus KVM architecture

Learn about Xen virtualization and KVM virtualization architectures in this open source virtualization software guide. It highlights differences between the features of these two architectures. If you want to opt for open source virtualization solutions, this section will be of good help in getting behind the scenes.

Face off: Xen virtualization vs. KVM Linux hypervisors

 Xen or KVM? A direct comparison on various levels will help you weigh the pros and cons of opting for either of these server virtualization technologies. In this section, we note the number of areas in which the KVM virtualization hypervisor (introduced in 2007 with RHEL 5.4) differs from the much established Xen virtualization hypervisor (introduced in 2003 with RHEL 5.0). Questions about which of the two have better management tools in place, down time issues, and overall processing performance are answered in this segment.

Xen to KVM migration: No uphill task

If you are concerned about the challenges that you may face due to Red Hat’s switch to the simpler KVM hypervisors, this section will give you solutions. Good news is Xen virtualization to KVM virtual machine migration is not very challenging. Our expert lists various KVM tools that can be used to make the Xen-to-KVM virtual machine migration process easier.

Case study: Leading Indian manufacturer’s experiences with Xen virtualization

This is the story of how Indian electrical products manufacturer Indo Asian Fusegear Ltd (IAFL) ensures power and space savings with Xen virtualization. The Xen deployment also helped IAFL combat losses faced due to down time issues. Read on to discover how IAFL’s Xen open source virtual server setup boosts business. 

Test your XEN and KVM virtualization knowledge

Now that you are familiar with the basic architecture of Xen virtualization and K VM, you can put your knowledge to the test. Our 10-question quiz will help you understand the basics of the Xen vs. KVM debate.

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