Walkthrough Ctrl S tier 4 data center infrastructure

Ctrl S with being the first service provider in India, having tier 4 data center infrastructure we decided to take a look at behind the scenes scenario and what it is that makes up a tier 4 data center.

With the data center infrastructure trend bending towards tiers, which determine the availability goals for an IT environment, building tier 4 data center infrastructure is neither viable nor affordable for most organizations. However, availing tier 4 data center infrastructure facilities is possible with outsourcing. Tier 4 data center infrastructure according to Uptime Institute is composed of multiple active power and cooling distribution paths, has redundant components, and is fault tolerant, providing 99.995% availability.  Ctrl S’ data center facility is one such provider in India, having tier 4 data center. Let us take a stroll through Ctrl S’ tier 4 data center infrastructure facility.

Ctrl S data center is based in Hyderabad. The datacenter infrastructure has a capacity of over 950 racks. Amongst its customers are SBI, IFFCO-TOKIO, Genpact and many more from different industry verticals leveraging the tier 4 data center infrastructure. Apart from dual redundancy, varied security features, carrier neutral connectivity, uninterrupted cooling all form a part of tier 4 data center infrastructure.

The data center receives power supply from Hyderabad City Level Power Grid that has Dual Active power sources from Ramagundam power plant and Srisailam Power Plant. For Tier 4 data center infrastructure N + N Transformers is the specification. The facility has 2(n+1) Redundant UPS on two different floors of the premise. Apart from that, there is Dual Power Connectivity available up to the rack level eliminating single point of failure and N+N Redundant DG sets. The facility has HSD Tanks -Diesel Reservoir which runs for 7 days on full load.

The data center has six zone security starting with Building Perimeter Entrance manned by multiple security guards.  To begin with, the data center perimeter entrance is accessible only by Card Readers. There is access based man Trap, allowing only one person at a time. The main data center area is secured by Biometric system. The Server & Cage Area is also secured by Biometric Access. All zones come under starting with the entrance come under CCTV surveillance.

The fire detection adds absolute full proof to the security. The fire detection system detects fire 3-4 Minutes before any smoke is visible to the naked eye. The FM 200 Gas Based fire suppression extinguishes fire within seconds of detecting heat. FS120 fire Rated Partition walls ensure high levels of safety. To top it all, BMS Room monitors all the automated systems 24X7 and ensures prompt action. Water Leak Detection systems keeps the datacenter protected. Ultrasonic rodent repeller eliminates possibility of any cable cuts due to rodents. Lastly, Water Leak Detection systems keeps the datacenter protected.

HVAC (Heating, Ventillating and Cooling Systems) are being used. The facility has Redundant Precision Air Cooling at which the room temperature is maintained at 19 +/- 1 Deg C. For the first time in India, heat exchangers have been used leading to increased power efficiency and 20-30% saving on cooling costs. The flooring which also plays an important role in the temperature control is between 24" to 30".


The data center infrastructure is connected by all major telcos. This facility thus, enables customers to choose service provider.


By December 2010, Ctrl S will have set up two Tier 4 data centers in Mumbai as well as Delhi. The data center infrastructure for phase 1 in Mumbai will have capacity of 5,000 racks. The Delhi data center infrastructure will support 3,000 racks.

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