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With this guide, we’ve made your job a bit easier by offering a collection of news, podcasts and technical tips on VMware licensing, pricing and features.

This guide covers topics such vSphere, vCenter, VMware ESXi, VMware challenges, building a VMware home lab, Site Recovery Manager, VMware Workstation, virtualising vCenter and VM licensing, to reel off just a few.

Let this guide be your one-stop resource centre for information and advice on VMware features.

VMware licensing

VSphere and vCenter licensing and pricing explained: A VMware license guide
Alex Barrett, News Director
VMware vSphere 4 andvCenter Server licensing and pricing depend on the size of your environment and the required functionality. Make sure you understand VMware’s pricing model before you decide whether the vendor is right for your organisation.

VMware View licensing explained, plain and simple
Gabrie van Zanten, Contributor
VMware View licensing doesn't have to be complicated. To help you navigate through the myriad options, we outline the several ways you can license a virtual desktop infrastructure environment.

Oracle on VMware still hindered by licensing, support concerns 
Mark Fontecchio, News Writer
The subject of Oracleon VMwaredraws interest, butlicensingandsupport still causes many database professionals to hesitate.

New multicore chips could create VMware licensing snafu
Mark Fontecchio, News Writer
An expensive VMware policy for licensing multi-core chips may slow adoption of Intel and AMD servers.

No silver bullet for VMware licensing procurement
Alex Barrett, News Director
IT departments have the choice between two imperfect options when purchasing VMware'ssoftware: buying it through VMware directly or purchasing it via third parties.

VMware adopts per-VM licensing, pricing
Beth Pariseau, Senior News Writer
VMware decided to introduce a per-VM licensing and pricing model for the majority of its management portfolio. This means that customers can now buy their licenses for vCenter Capacity IQ, vCenter AppSpeed, vCenter Site Recovery Manager and the Ionix management line on a per-VM basis.

VMware users debate VMware per-VM licensing
Beth Pariseau, Senior News Writer
VMware has said that its per-VMlicensing model will slash costs for customers, but some users are doubtful of VMware's new pricing scheme.

VMware vSphere licensing; high availability in Hyper-V R2; Oracle acquires Sun
SearchVMware.com Staff
heck out the first edition of the Hypervisor Huddle, a monthly podcast covering the virtualisation space. Topics include VMware's vSphere licensing structure, service and support contracts. You'll also hear from Edward Haletky, SearchVMware.com contributor, virtualisation expert and book author.

Intel, AMD multicore chips pose VMware licensing challenges
SearchServerVirtualization.com Staff
This podcast covers how VMware licensing is affected by Intel and AMD multi-core chips. There is also news on VMware password management tools and beta releases from Microsoft and Red Hat.

VMware pricing 

VMware pricing: How does the new per-VM model affect customers?
Rick Vanover, Contributor
VMware’s pricing model for its management products have changed, with several implications. The new per-VM licensing could help or hinder operations, depending on the needs of your company.

Creating a VMware home lab: Dollars and sense
Eric Siebert, Contributor
The components of a VMware homelab are important, but when it involves money coming from your own pocket, the price tag is even more important. Our expert reveals how he built a homelab for under $2,000.

A guide to using VMware as your SMB software
Kayleigh Bateman, Site Editor
The decision to use VMware as part of a small and medium-sized business software strategy can be considered expensive and risky. This two-part series sees our VMware expert give the lowdown on why VMware suits many SMBs but also reveals the downsides it may have for other businesses.

Hyper-V vs. VMware: Which is cheaper?
Bridget Botelho, News Writer
Microsoft's Hyper-V costs less than VMware ESXi, but several gotchas can drive up its overall cost. Our news writer weighs the pros and cons of both.

Hyper-V won't sail past VMware on price alone, users say
Bridget Botelho, News Writer
Microsoft's Hyper-V is priced aggressively, but VMware users have made an investment in both time and money and won't switch without seeing proven performance results.

Small business software myth: VMware costs way too much
Mike Laverick, Contributor
Many IT professionals believe that using VMware products in small businesses is expensive. Our VMware expert reveals how the product could suit your small to medium-sized business.

VMware brings enterprise-class virtualisation to SMBs at half the price
Nathan Simon, Contributor                          
VMware announced that as of March 18, 2011, vSphere Essentials can be purchased for less than $500 US, which indicates that VMware is looking more seriously at SMBs, and not just enterprises.

VMware pricing list
Alex Barrett, News Director
This list of average prices for VMware products has been pulled together to help you estimate what you should expect to pay for your VMware virtualisation technologies.

Is VMware underpriced?
Alex Barrett, News Director
While VMware is the most expensive of the virtualisation vendors, but one expert argues that given the ROI benefits it offers, VMware technology may actually be under priced.

VMware features 

Installing and configuring VMware ESXi
Eric Siebert, Contributor
Because VMware ESXi is available for free, you may see a greater adoption of VMware's small-footprint hypervisor. In light of that, our expert walks you through the process of installing and configuring VMware ESXi.

Virtual disaster recovery with VMware Site Recovery Manager: Part 1
Mike Laverick, Contributor 
VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) is a popular technology, but it comes attached to several challenges. According to our VMware guru, it’s time to think more about site management issues that go beyond disaster recovery.

VMware SRM features explained: Part 2
Mike Laverick, Contributor 
While VMware Site Recovery Manager was created as a virtual disaster recovery tool, it might see its focus turn towards site management in the future.

An exclusive look at the future of VMware SRM
Mike Laverick, Contributor
In the future, VMwareSiteRecoveryManager is expected to have host-based replication and other new features. Virtualisation guru Mike Laverick previews these yet-to-be-released VMwareSRM capabilities and shares his findings with you.

VMware best practices: Why virtualise vCenter?
Mike Laverick, Contributor
Our expert advocates virtualisingvCenter, and here’s why. He also reveals the huge automation patching gotcha at the heart of doing so.

New features in VMware vSphere that benefit data backup and recovery
Eric Siebert, Contributor
Take a look at the features included in VMware vSphere that are designed to make data backup and recovery chores easier for you.

Cool VMware Workstation 7.1 features: Unity and Capture Movie
Mak King, Contributor
A VMware expert breaks free of his VMwareWorkstation7.1 rut after finding inspiration from a recent snowboarding trip, and explores the Workstation’s Unity and Capture Movie features.

A guide to VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat
Mike Laverick, Contributor
This four-part series from Mike Laverick shows how to successfully install and operate VMware's vCenter ServerHeartbeat.

VMware boosts performance with vSphere 4.1
Mike Laverick, Contributor
Due to the re-release of VMware'svSphere4.1, our expert gained exclusive access to the product and shared his experience of the heightened performance functions.

VMware vSphere beginner's guide
Search VMware.com Staff
If you're new to VMware, this is where you should start. This guide offers resources to help you learn about vSphere,such as the new technologies it includes, the differences between license levels and more.

VMware vMotion: A complete guide
Alyssa Wood, Assistant Site Editor
Learn how you can help you migrate VMs between physical hosts without any downtime with VMare vMotion. This tool aids you in addressing maintenance needs, load balancing and resource allocation.

VMware vSphere 4.1 HA and DRS clustering improvements
Mike Laverick, Contributor
If you need to create either a VMware High Availability or Distributed Resource Scheduler cluster, you need vCenter configured and then you’re ready to go. You should know that the new version of vCenter is 64-bit, so our expert discusses the improvements designed to help you on your VMware journey.

The votes are in: Favourite vSphere enhancements
Eric Siebert, Contributor
First-time vSphere users chose Thin Provisioning and Fault Tolerance as their favourite vSphere features. Check out which other capabilities vSphere users liked best.

VMware beta features could bring Zune-like embarrassment
Colin Steele, Senior Site Editor
VMware hasn’t made any new fans with its habit of putting beta features into the final versions of its products.  SearchServerVirtualization.com editor Colin Steele discusses why the vendor’s beta features could cause embarrassment.

More details on VMware Fault Tolerance
Eric Siebert, Contributor
In this podcast, Henry Robinson and Karen Ritter of VMware share details about the development and future of VMware Fault Tolerance.

Kayleigh Bateman is the Site Editor of SearchVirtualDataCentre.co.uk

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