VMware certification: A comprehensive guide

Want to get certified on virtualization tech? We bring you the A to Z on virtualization certification, with a special reference to VMware certifications.

With the dominance of server virtualization and the rise in adoption of virtual desktops in business environments, virtualization certifications have become a prerequisite for IT administrators. While virtualization certifications can boost ones skills, it’s essential to weigh the choices before opting for such a certification.

In terms of what’s on offer, there are numerous career boost options like VMware certifications, Microsoft certifications and Citrix certifications. Among these, the VMware certification has become a very popular option. We bring you a compilation of resources across the TechTarget network to help you start your VMware certification journey.

What is virtualization certification?

Wondering about virtualization certifications? We bring you all the basic information you need to know, on a certification that enhances your skills, and helps you build a finer resume.

The networking professional’s guide to virtualization certifications

Virtualization certification programs are increasingly becoming relevant. Networking pros find that virtualization certification programs set them apart, from other candidates, by helping them obtain new skills. However, some IT managers prefer real-world experience to candidates with just certifications. This section brings you what the industry feels about VMware certification and such virtualization career options.

Choosing the right virtualization certification

Want to attain a virtualization certificate? There are several virtualization certification options you could choose from like VMware certification, Microsoft certification and Citrix certification. This part of our guide will help you zero in on the right virtualization certification.

Choose the right VMware certification for you

From just a VMware Certified Professional (VCP) certification, VMware has come a long way. Today, VMware certifications can go a long way to help you secure your dream IT job. This section will help you find the right VMware certification for your specific career.

Examining VMware certifications

IT industry sustains on certifications. It is an indicator that one has a certain level of expertise in a particular field. This is one reason why the VMware Certified Professional is still a necessary credential for VMware administrators. However VMware certifications have now been expanded, making the navigation more difficult. In this section, we discuss the various VMware certifications, and ways to achieve them.

A guide to VMware certification in India

Demand for virtualization has seen a rise over the last two years in India. With this growing demand comes the need for skilled manpower to set up and manage such an infrastructure. Receive insights on VMware certification in India through this part of our guide.

Guide to VMWare’s new desktop certification

VMware certifications have seen nonstop expansion, with options of the virtual desktop front as well. On this front, VMware has added a new credential to its lineup – the VMware Certified Professional 4 - Desktop credential. Our expert brings you detailed insights on this certification.

Gain insights on VMware View desktop virtualization certification

Virtual desktop infrastructure is gaining popularity today. This growing trend could be the reason VMware plans for VMware View desktop virtualization certifications. This VMware certification will allow VMware administrators demonstrate their skills in implementing and managing View-based infrastructure.

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