UK IT jobs: Resources for storage jobs and salaries in the UK

Data storage jobs and storage salaries can change from year to year in the UK. Check back here for the latest info and resources on storage jobs for storage professionals.

Storage jobs skills and salaries can change from year to year in the UK. Get the most up-to-date information on UK IT jobs and salaries for storage professionals. Check back here often for UK IT jobs resources such as storage training courses, storage user groups and storage salary surveys.

IT salary survey: Storage jobs in the UK

How does your salary compare with that of other UK storage professionals? Compare your storage salary with your peers' with the results of this year's salary survey. See how much the average data storage professional in the UK makes, as well as how education, certification and other factors could affect your income.

Storage training courses

Do you need to brush up on a certain aspect of data storage for a project you're working on or a new technology in your storage environment? No matter what stage you are at in your storage career, storage training courses can always be beneficial. Storage training courses are broken down into the following categories: storage networking, storage disk array, storage management, virtualization, and backup and recovery.

Storage and server user group directory

Storage user groups present a good networking opportunity for storage professionals to meet other storage professionals who deal with similar tools and problems in their storage environments. The storage groups listed here include both physical and online events that are either sponsored by vendors or run on membership fees.

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