Optimize your master data management strategy with this kit

The importance of master data management strategy is well-understood by Indian BI pros today. Use this guide to shape your master data management strategy.

An emerging concept in India, master data management strategy helps companies consolidate and leverage business...

data accurately. This maneuvering can do more than just arriving at a ‘single version of the truth’. This comprehensive guide put together by our IT experts will help you optimize your master data management strategy and get the best out of your MDM strategy.

In this Guide:

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 Strategic trends in master data management

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  • Strategic trends in master data management

    Cloud’s role in the future of MDM 

    According to IT research firm Gartner, cloud computing and social networks will play important roles in master data management as the MDM strategies of organizations evolve. Read further to know how and why you should warm up to the idea of cloud-based MDM offerings.
  • The importance of analytical MDM process 

  • Companies chalk out their master data management strategies for vastly different reasons. Is an analytical master data management strategy just a starting point for enterprise MDM? Get consultant William McKnight’s take on the relationship between analytical and operational MDM.
  • Contribution of analytical MDM to BI, enterprise MDM 

  • Analytical MDM projects can be a good jumping-off point for achieving larger-scale enterprise master data management objectives. But careful planning is crucial, warn the experts.
  • Business prospects of master data management 

  • According to U.K.-based analyst firm Information Difference, the strategic importance given to master data management (MDM) deployments is  on the rises. What are the driving factors behind increasing MDM deployments? For one, it is data quality. Read further to identify other important determinants.

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  • Best practices
  • A true Hollywood story 

    With innumerable ‘titles’ in the company’s digital library and with IT transforming how movies and TV programs are created, stored, and distributed, the IT team at Sony Pictures felt the need for a proper master data management strategy. Find out how it met this challenge with a  successful MDM project rollout at a time when there was no support from the business side of the organization.

    Five master data management mistakes to avoid 

  • An analytical master data management strategy can serve as the backbone of data warehousing and business intelligence (BI) initiatives by ensuring that the data used for reporting and analysis is clean and consistent. But such initiatives can go horribly wrong, thanks to some common missteps. Take strategic precautions when designing and implementing an analytical master data management project.
  • Gather business requirements for MDM projects? 

  • Do you need to gather business requirements for an MDM project? Learn how functional requirements are the key differences between the master data management and BI development processes.
  • Significance of data stewardship, governance to ERP MDM projects 

    Data stewardship and data governance are key to the success of master data management strategy in operational ERP environments, according to Gartner. Find out more.
  • MDM tools vendor selection criteria 

  • Master data management adoption has witnessed a massive explosion and MDM tools are fast turning into necessities. Shape your master data management strategy by selecting the right product vendor.

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  • Secrets to building MDM business case 

  • Getting the CFO’s nod to your master data management project can be a challenge if the strategic benefits of project are not spelt out. Use these smart tips to cut to the chase and pocket that MDM tools investment. Master the art of pitching the business case to the top management.
  • Focus on business benefits to sell MDM to executives 

    Data management pros must focus on the business benefits (and not the technical ones) of master data management (MDM) when selling it to executives, according to consultant Jill Dyche. Get more details here.
  • Five ways CDI can help your organization 

  • A subset of master data management, customer data integration (CDI) helps you better understand your customer by integrating and leverage the customers’ data collected at every touch point. Know how CDI can deliver strategic yields to your master data management efforts.
  • Getting started with CDI implementation 

  • Since customer data integration (CDI) is one of the new technologies under master data management that Indian companies have set their eyes on, designing its strategy will require taking a few precautionary steps. Get started on your CDI project with these useful tips from data integration expert Evan Levy of Baseline Consulting.

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