Midrange storage product guide

Check out this guide to midrange storage systems for product details on midrange SAN and midrange NAS storage systems.

The midrange is a thriving storage market. But it wasn’t always so. Once upon a time, there was enterprise storage,...

with high-end, full-featured SAN arrays providing rapid, block-level access for transactional processing. And there was the rest: SMBs with up to a few dozen servers with direct-attached storage. But smaller businesses came to need the type of shared storage that bigger businesses had, especially with the onset of server virtualisation, and storage vendors were keen to sell it to them. And so there arose midrange storage.

In this SearchStorage.co.UK Special Report, you’ll find out about the key features incorporated into midrange SANs in the past 12 months, the peculiarities of buying midrange SAN storage, which NAS products came out on top in Storage magazine’s most recent Quality Awards survey, and what to look for in a midrange NAS array.

> > Midrange SANs embrace flash, server virtualisation and unified storage

We survey the key new features incorporated into midrange SAN products over the past year. Read this first if you’re in the market for a block-level, midrange storage array and see what the key vendors have been up to.

> >Podcast: Midrange storage comes of age with enterprise features

In this podcast, independent consultant Chris Evans discusses what’s unique about shopping for midrange SAN systems and the key features from enterprise SANs that are finding their way into midmarket products.

> > NAS storage systems Quality Awards: EMC and IBM take top spots

Respondents to the Storage magazine/SearchStorage.com’s Quality Awards Surveys have been happy with their network-attached storage (NAS) systems. In the past five years that NAS products have appeared on the survey, they have come out with high scores. And this year, scores for NAS storage systems and NAS groups were higher than ever. Find out why users of these systems are so happy and where the two winners – EMC and IBM – shone especially brightly to take home the wins in the enterprise and midrange categories, respectively.

> > Choosing a midrange NAS system

If you need file-level storage for your medium-sized business there’s a confusing number of products on the market. This guide helps you decide what’s best for you – from desktop boxes to the midrange NAS offerings of the main storage vendors.

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