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Microsoft has gained ground in the virtualisation arena. If you're interested in how the company has advanced, consider classes on its Hyper-V server virtualisation platform, as well as its application virtualisation technology.

Courses are in-depth and hands-on, with several levels of complexity. Microsoft virtualisation training courses use Windows Server 2008 and cover the newest advances in this area.

Implementing and Managing Microsoft Server Virtualisation:
Get a comprehensive overview of how to deploy a Microsoft-enabled virtualised server environment. This class offers instruction on using Hyper-V and Remote Desktop Services on a Windows Server 2008 R2 platform. Students will also learn how to manage VM snapshots, convert a physical machine to a virtual machine, manage profiles and templates and implement the full range of features offered with Microsoft server virtualisation.
Provider: Rezound.
Locations: London: 7-9 Feb, 9-11 May. Manchester: 21-23 Feb, 20-22 June

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Implementing and Managing Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V:
Get instruction on setting up Microsoft Hyper-V in this class, which also covers Hyper-V management with both Solution Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) and PowerShell. Students will leave with an understanding of virtual networking, virtual hard drive types, performance management, migration of existing machines and disaster recovery for VMs.
Provider: Rezound.
Locations: Sheffield, Leeds, Manchester, Yorkshire -- Dates TBA.

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Installing and Managing Microsoft Application Virtualisation, App-V:
Take advantage of this virtualisation training course and learn how to administer a Microsoft Application Virtualization environment using App-V, also known as SoftGrid. Concepts covered in this class include installation, configuration and troubleshooting for the components of App-V. Participants will also gain an understanding of all the tools in the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP).
Provider: GBdirect.
Locations:  7-9 February. Manchester on 21-23 February, 20-22 June. 

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