IT project management: Everything you wanted to know

Keep up your organization’s professional standards by fine-tuning your IT project management capabilities. Learn how to with this guide.

Implementing an IT project can be tough. CIOs know it; requirements change, budgets get tighter, and staying on schedule always sounds easier than it actually is. This is where project management can help in planning and guiding the whole process from start to finish. Just like tests and exams are mandatory in school to monitor the children’s learning curve, similarly IT project management is a must to ensure that the organization’s goals are achieved. This guide compiled with inputs from our IT experts can be your aide in managing your IT projects with élan. We have also thrown in a fair number of IT project management templates to ensure that your business has handy references to bank on.

In this guide:

Learning center
• Project management: Basics
• Project management professional: Definition
• Project management office: Definition
• Agile project management: Definition

Best Practices
• Tips for effective project management
• IT project management: The cost estimating process
• IT project management tips to effectively manage 'triple constraints'
• How project management maturity models can reveal security strength

Some useful templates
• Twelve free project management templates

Learning center

Project management basics
Start with the basics of IT project management. This will help you approach the project planning process methodically. Learn all five stages of the guiding process and you can apply it to any IT project that your organization undertakes right from the initial feasibility study all the way through to maintenance of the completed application.

Project management professional certification
‘Project management professional’ is a certification program offered by the Project Management Institute. Know how one can get it.

What is project management office?
Confused as to what the need for a Project Management Office (PMO) in your organization is? Well, it is fairly simple. Every organization needs an internal group or department to define and maintain standards for IT project management. And that is exactly the purpose the PMO serves, its primary goal being to achieve benefits from standardizing and following IT project management policies, processes and methods. Read on to discover more roles that the PMO serves in an organization.

Learn about agile project management
Feedback and constructive criticism are important for any organization to grow and are therefore valued. This is where agile project management steps in. Find out how you can use agile project management to improve upon the relevance of your IT projects. The benefits of agile project management are plenty. Read further to find it out.

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Best Practices

Tips for effective IT project management
For any IT project management initiative to be successful, it is essential to achieve the set milestones. Many IT project failures can be attributed to the lack of regular reviews. Project managers and CIOs must be prepared to incorporate various unforeseen changes that might crop up during a project. Let us have a look at some tips and tricks in this regard.

Gauge strength of IT security with project management maturity models
Information security is not just about technology — it is also about proper management, including risk assessment, education and awareness, implementation of security controls, incident management, monitoring and reporting. Project management maturity model is a good way of assessing where you are in your management of security. It provides a means of gauging where you are in implementing effective security management processes for your organization. These models also serve as excellent tools for identifying the areas of improvement. Learn to use IT project management maturity models like CMMI and IA to review your IT security.

IT project management tips to effectively manage 'triple constraints'
IT project failure in Indian organizations is primarily due to the ‘triple constraints’ i.e. time, cost and scope; but maintaining stability during the project management lifecycle is important. Expert from Mahindra Finance offers tips to ensure the IT project management lifecycle’s smooth functioning and how CIOs can increase the chances of success.

How to estimate IT project costs
Given the current economic uncertainties, IT projects will be needed to be managed with tight budgets. This tip will help you to accurately assess the potential costs involved and come up with a reliable estimate. Learn the IT project cost estimation process here.


Useful templates

Download 12 IT project management templates for free
Now that you are fairly familiar with IT project management process, here are some ready toolkits to get your hands dirty. This collection of 12 IT project management templates will help you make your next IT initiative easier. This knowledge reservoir has been built with inputs from consultancies, government organizations, and universities, in addition to corporations.

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