Hottest data center certifications of 2010

The data center certifications landscape can be tough to comprehend. These resources should help you get a better grasp of the latest certification trends.

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Today's competitive workplace demands that your capabilities never lose their edge. In this situation, getting certified in relevant skillsets is a critical asset for data center professionals. Present day IT professionals have to be constantly aboard the jet train of data center certifications to ensure their relevance, whether it's their current or the next employer. But the certification space can be quite a confusing one to navigate, which is where this guide should be useful. This collection of resources features exclusive content from across the TechTarget Network to ensure that your data center certifications are up to date.

Virtualization certification guide for the data center pro
Server virtualization is without doubt a much in demand data center certification at the moment. Considering how Indian organizations are still coming to grips with server virtualization, this data center skillset is guaranteed to take you places. Our expert has put together this column which details the inside dope on virtualization certification. Read on for what it takes to get the data center certification of your choice from VMware, Citrix or Microsoft.

Storage certification resources for IT personnel
If storage is your domain of choice, we have compiled all the information on relevant data center certifications in this guide. Irrespective of whether you want to start off with storage management, hone your skills in storage administration or become a storage architect, this section has all the required information. Or if your requirements are more generic in nature with a need to know about storage certifications from SNIA, EMC or Brocade, our expert has all the answers that you need.

Navigating VMware certifications: VCP, VCDX, VCAP
Perhaps one of the most coveted data center certifications in India, VMware's recognition of expertise across its server virtualization products is a great badge of honor. In terms of maturity, these data center certifications have come a long way from its initial humble days as a VMware Certified Professional (VCP). Learn how to achieve a VCP or move to higher echelons like the VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) or the upcoming VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) in this part of our data center certification handbook.

Understanding the ITIL certification's benefits
In the ever changing data center certifications landscape, ITIL is perhaps one of the best educational qualifications for professionals who want to move on to the next level. Here's an excerpt from one of TechTarget's certification guides which should bring you up to speed on the ITIL front. Delve deep into this one stop shop to get all the required ITIL information—whether it is ITIL implementation, processes, CMDBs or best practices.

Selling network certification: How to talk up your credentials to current and future employers
Just having a data center certification is not sufficient, when it comes to landing that dream job. It takes a lot to convince your prospective paymasters that you are the perfect fit for their IT management requirements. On the other hand, if you are aiming at a career boost within your existing organization, that will also need a lot of self promotion (without going over the top). This part of our guidebook takes on the softer side of convincing your present and future bosses about your data center certifications.

10 hottest IT certifications
No list of data center certifications will be complete without mentioning the security certifications on offer.  Yasir Irfan has put together a great list of hottest IT certifications at our network site IT Knowledge Exchange, which includes security as well as other relevant data center certifications to give your CV just the right boost that it needs.

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