Green computing tips and best practices

Get the latest green computing news, tips, and expert advice in this U.K. guide to green computing.

Not long ago, the main reason to implement green computing best practices was the possibility of saving money. The IT industry, however, is now looking for new ways to utilise resources in an environmentally responsible manner. Due to new government regulations, becoming environmentally friendly is something that concerns us all.

In that regard, this guide will lend you a hand. Get the latest green computing tips, news, and expert responses in this in-depth U.K. green computing guide.


Green computing news

The changing green computing needs of the data centre manager
Kayleigh Bateman, Site Editor | 19 March 2010
Rising power and energy costs have caused a gradual shift in data centre manager priorities, putting green computing at the forefront. Industry experts reveal how they're dealing with the  challenges.

Nottingham council tackles server sprawl with VMware
Kayleigh Bateman, Site Editor | 12 Feb 2010
VMware vCluster, Dell and NetApp reduce Nottingham council's physical servers from 42 to 10,  saving £10,000 a year in electricity bills.

How to cool your data centre on a budget
Kayleigh Bateman, Site Editor | 29 Jan 2010
Vinyl sheeting and a trip to the local blacksmith are two of the ways data centre managers are thinking outside the box when it comes to hot and cold aire aisle containment methods.

Adoption of EU Code of Conduct slow in UK
Kayleigh Bateman, Site Editor | 04 Dec 2009
A survey shows that only 12% of U.K. companies have adopted the EU Code of Conduct on Data Centre Energy Efficiency.

Royal London saves with IBM mainframe server replacement
Kayleigh Bateman, Site Editor | 13 Nov 2009
Royal London Group replaced its outdated IBM mainframe system with a new z10 mainframe environment and cute three double-decker buses worth of CO2 a year from its IT footprint.

Financial firm pumps up VM density, lowers power consumption
Kayleigh Bateman, Site Editor | 06 Nov 2009
Finance firm Demica increased its number of virtual machines per unit without increasing its space and energy consumption with help of virtualisation consultancy 360IS.

Will Digital Britain and CRC objectives slow UK data centre growth?
Kayleigh Bateman, Site Editor | 24 Oct 2009
Objectives for IT energy efficiency in the Digital Britain report and the Carbon Reduction Commitment have raised questions about future data centre growth in the U.K.

Hosting company employs CFD models to improve power and cooling
Manek Dubash, Contributor | 11 Sep 2009
Data centre hosting company Star found that computational fluid dynamics models improved its power and cooling design, translating into savings for customers.

Power-saving innovations could spread from desktop to data centres
Nick Booth, Contributor | 27 Jul 2009
In many companies, users leave their PCs on overnight, consuming data centre electricity unnecessarily, but new power saving innovations aim to flick the switch on this problem.  

Study says recession should spur green IT initiatives
Nick Booth, Contributor | 20 Jul 2009
A Datamonitor study says that green IT and other energy-saving projects with a hard ROI should be easier to push through in the recession.

Measuring and reporting data centre PUE
Mark Fontecchio, News Writer and Matt Stansberry, Executive Editor | 15 Jul 2009
Publicising a data centre's energy efficiency with the power usage effectiveness metric involves factors other than facility andIT equipment energy levels.


Green computing tips and expert advice

Overcoming green computing challenges
Ryan Murphey, Contributor | 10 Mar 2010
Following the opening of hosting provider PEER 1's new data centre in Toronto, the VP of data centre operations offers advice on why tackling energy issues should be a top priority. 

How to save money by saving energy
Lex Coors, Contributor | 16 Feb 2010
A data centre expert explains the importance of building a green data centre and how to measure power usage efficiency.

The benefits of combining VDI and unified communications
Chris de Silva, Contributor | 12 Jan 2010
Combining VDI and unified communications can drive down power consumption, introduce remote working and therefore reduce carbon footprint, according to this expert.


High-tech IT infrastructure vs. green data centre concerns
Jeff Thomas, Contributor | 17 Dec 2009
As data centre infrastructure continues to grow, Jeff Thomas, chief executive of Ark Continuity, discusses ways for data centres to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.


Improving data centre energy efficiency
Vic Smith, Contributor | 03 Dec 2009
The Greed Grid's guide to controlling energy costs without impacting the delivery of your IT services.

How to optimise data centre cooling
Vic Smith, Contributor | 03 Dec 2009
Improve data centre cooling with these simple steps from the Green Grid.


I/O virtualisation: Green, flexible and virtual
Nigel Poulton, Contributor | 03 Dec 2009
Emerging I/O technologies hold the key to the future of virtualisation, according to an industry expert.

How to build a green virtual data centre
Andrew Cross, Contributor | 07 Oct 2009
Give your virtual data centre a green makeover with these energy efficiency tips from Andrew Cross, sales director at reseller Sol-Tec.

Airflow management strategies for efficient data centre cooling
Vali Sorell, Contributor | 13 Jul 2009
To achieve efficient data centre cooling, you must reduce your facility's air flow waste. In this tip, an expert outlines air flow management strategies and best practices. 


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